Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello from ubuntu-za to ubuntu-fr

Thanks YoBoy for organising an impromptu ubuntu hour in Paris. It was great to meet fellow ubuntu people. Also interesting to hear some comments from the point of view of the largest and oldest LoCo in the community. Amongst other things ubuntu-fr provides french support for ubuntu users. This is a mammoth task involving a wiki and forums. Even though we have 11 official languages in South Africa we are lucky that the English support and tools provided by Canonical and the community is accessible to a lot of our ubuntu users in South Africa. ubuntu-fr bridges the gap for French speaking ubuntu users.

I have to say I am envious of the size of their LoCo. There is a different energy when there are more participants. Having said that it is so great to see people in ubuntu-za step up and take on tasks without any formal prompting. Thanks ubuntu-za, keep up the good work. This is what the LoCo communities are about.

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