Sunday, December 2, 2012

Re-approval: a loook back on 2 years of ubuntu-za

I am preparing the re-approval page for ubuntu-za. To do this I am looking back at past activities and events for this LoCo. When I organised my first Ubuntu Hour, I expected no-one to notice. David sat down at the table and ordered a latte and now he has become such a good friend: someone who I can call if I if I am sick or if my software has a memory leak and someone who I can drive to the doctor if his neck goes into a spasm from repetitive stress. The second Ubuntu Hour I met Dewald, an equally dear friend now, who is organising ubuntu hours and release parties in Johannesburg. There are many more, Stefano who mailed me from UDS because he knew I wanted a hoodie and lugged the hoodie back in his suitcase. Henk who organised a super awesome chocolate plated cake which almost made us pass out from sugar overdose. Rauol who sorts the website, organises ubuntu hours and brings his wife and son to the release parties. Werner who helps out with meetings and drives to a guest house to pick up CDs so I don't have to post them. Miles-Miles&Maaz: Miles makes anyone who comes into the irc channel feel at home by offering virtual coffee, rusks and maybe even biltong. Miles trains Maaz. There are many more some I have met, some I have on the adress list to send a package(Leon Gert, Jan, Nhlanha, Frans, Marvel, Wayne, Nico, Tim, Vincent, Chris) , some I only see in irc (nuvolari magespawn and more). What a community! We are separated by miles but so close on the internet. I feel like I am giving a speech at a wedding and I am sure I am missing someone. If I missed you, I'm sorry, it isn't intentional. This community cannot exists without you. This is why I am so happy that different people, all over the country, are doing something, small or big, to be part of this community. Thank you everyone for being a part of ubuntu-za!