Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday is JamDay

GlobalJam at the UCT Shuttleworth Lab. We had a healthy turnout. I counted at least 15 people, probably more. Most people stayed for most of the day too. Highlights were a talk and demo on bug reporting and triaging, a talk on translating and a whirlwind tour of packaging using hello as an example. Some people were already running Lucid and some people tried Lucid from flash disk or tried the upgrade. A few bugs were raised and a few bugs were confirmed. Some strings were translated to North-Sotho. Stickers were traded. Easter-eggs were eaten.

Most importantly though, it was great to meet everybody face to face.

Here's what drubin had to say about the day.

I hate to single out anyone because there were so many helpful people but Tumbleweed helped everyone, efficiently and with a smile. He hooked us up to the mirror and assisted almost everywhere, set the projector up, organised the coffee machine, made fly-leads, jammed pizza boxes into the recycle bins. At one point I was sure he had cloned himself. Maybe he just flips forward and back in time with a secret gadget.

On a smaller scale ,I managed to upgrade a laptop that has had upgrades from Intrepid->Jaunty->Karmic and now Lucid. No small feat as it also had a Xubuntu install. Luckily there were enough experts to help me over the speed bumps. Thank you Hilton and others. I made a Lucid Live Flash disk Netbook Release and tested my Samsung NC10. I am happy to report that almost everything worked out of the box. The list includes: 
  • Wired Lan
  • Wireless Lan
  • Onboard 3G
  • Bluetooth file transfer
  • Bluetooth Device browse
  • Bluetooth PAN
  • speakers, mic, 
  • webcam
  • USB flash disks 
  • USB mouse
The brightness function keys don't work but this didn't surprise me, since they don't work on a vanilla Karmic install either and it is easy to fix with the excellent scripts from VoRia. I can't say I like the little battery icon on it's side on a netbook and I miss the volume scroll functionality but other than that it looks good.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GlobalJam Poster version 2_1 Afrikaans

and an Afrikaans version.

GlobalJam Poster version 2_1

Ok version 2.1 with icons, there is a penguin. My compromise since I'd rather code with pointers than collect soft toys. Hope it's more fun. I made the naartjie color match the icons.

GlobalJam Poster version 1

Just for interest sake, the first aubergine attempt which got canned due to the Canonical-ness associated with aubergine.

Poster Cape Town GlobalJam March 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cape Town Ubuntu GlobalJam venue and date decided

Sunday 28 March from 10am to 5pm at the UCT Shuttleworth Lab
More detail to be found at the CLUG Wiki

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Second Stellenbosch (unofficial) Ubuntu Hour

This one held on 12 Feb 2010. Ankia's netbook was installed with Ubuntu shortly after the third cup of coffee.

First Stellenbosch Ubuntu Hour

webcam pic of Ubuntu Hour 5 Feb 2010. David's netbook was converted.

Third Stellenbosch Ubuntu Hour

5 March 2010 - A conversation with the Barista about Ubuntu and another conversation with the owner about Ubuntu Hour. We were overheard by at least 2 people. Small but steady.