Thursday, June 30, 2011

ubuntu-za Regional Contacts get Natty CDs soon

After some email to and fro and delays hoping for lifts for the CDs and waiting for addresses I finally sent the CDs. The parcels are in the mail and the post office said it would take 3 days. We have 12 regional contact people on the list, 2 are local so I hand delivered the CDs, one in Durban I got a lift some weeks ago already. 2 didn't send me an address and the remaining 7 will receive CDs in the next few days. So now I think there are 7 people all over the country that owe me a Cappucino and a muffin :) (that's roughly the price of the envelope and the postage) Also I am hoping I'll get some photos of people sharing the CDs.

Monday, June 27, 2011

June irc meeting and SULUG beer evening combo

We didn't have many agenda items, it was a record meeting that lasted all of 15 minutes for official items but we spent some time discussing afterwards. What made this meeting especially fun was it was a combo IRC-realLife meeting because we had the SULUG beer evening at the same time at the Brazen head. Some people were logged in on their phones and some on laptops. Efficient Maaz tried to deciphers the commands I flung at her while mixing martini's and making coffee and keeping minutes. The details of the meeting can be found on the website.