Monday, April 30, 2012

Cape Town Precise Pangolin Release party with cake

Henk did a sterling job hosting the Precise Pangolin Release party in the Shuttleworth Lab at UCT. We had a fair turnout for a public holiday which was also the first day of the 5 day weekend. Note too that this was the AfrikaBurn weekend. We also had a super delicious, home-made, Pangolin cake which was creatively decorated with chocolate scales. Thanks to Henk's friend. We planned to demo some games and we did, in an informal way. Mostly it was just an install fest. We also made some live CDs and liveboot USB disks for people. Thanks also Stefano for nursing the non-standard upgrades.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poster for Pangolin Release Party

A quick Poster for the Pangolin release parties. This is the web version.

Pangolin Release parties - we have 2 - any more?

We have 2 release parties so far. One in Cape Town and one in Pretoria.

Cape Town : Friday 27 May 10-13:00 Shuttleworth lab UCT - LoCo Detail
Pretoria: Saturday 5 May 10-13:30 Karoo Land and Cattle in Irene - LoCo Detail

I am hoping to organise a casual Ubuntu Hour/ after party in Stellenbosch too so I can catch up with the everybody who was in holiday.

An insert snack of choice, a refreshing beverage of choice, a friend and a laptop upgrading to pangolin also counts as a release party.